The Carleton That Could Have Been

A look into what buildings were proposed and never built

Aerial view of campus, from the southeast taken by Harvey E. Stock in 1884.


We have spent a lot of time on this project from researching and looking for sources, building up models and timelines, and creating our items of presentation. Learn more about our process from the beginning to the end as we contribute to the unbuilt history of Carleton.

Proposed men’s gymnasium from 1885.
Proposed library from 1921.


Our group decided to create a model of a library proposed in 1921 by architects Holmes and Flinn. It was created using Blender3D and is an interesting visual of what the library would have looked like built and on campus.


Throughout our time working on this project we have found many building which were never built but were proposed to Carleton. We have decided to compose a timeline of these buildings to showcase decisions that would have changed the look our campus.

The starting page of our timeline.
Image of the Carleton College Archives home page.


For this project, we relied mainly on two sources. The first source was the Timeline – Imagined Futures, Forgotten Pasts created by a past Hacking the Humanities class. The second was the Carleton College Archives page as well as physical blueprints from David Bliss in the archives.