Alumni Visualizations

Chris Elliott, DOug Pham, Maya Wolff, Ty Folks, Hermela Shiferaw
Image of Carleton Buildings

Our Project

For our Hacking the Humanities final project, we were curious about what life looks like after Carleton. We wanted create a visualization of where Carleton Alumni ended up after graduation. We followed alumni who majored in English as we wanted to see if there were any patterns of where they ended up. We looked at the graduates from 2000 to 2022 thinking it might give us some insight as to where life after Carleton would take us.

Where do alumni go after their years at Carleton are over?

This is a question we all often ask, especially as our group comes to yet another term closer to finishing up our four years at Carleton.

More about why we chose this topic…

Viewing our data

Using tools like ArcGIS and Flourish we were able to make some neat interactive images which we thought were very informative in displaying our data.

View our data visualizations…

World Map
Bar Chart Graphic

How did we acquire our data and what did we do with it?

There is a lot of history behind all the Carleton alums, fortunately, Carleton has a lot of great resources as to getting our hands on this data.

More about our sources, processes, and presentation…

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