Mapping Carleton College’s Off Campus Studies Programs Through the Years

Welcome to our exploration of Carleton’s Off Campus programs! We were interested in showcasing the many experiences of Carl’s abroad throughout Carleton’s history. Today, according to the Off Campus Studies office approximately 70% of Carleton’s student body participates in at least one off campus program during their time at Carleton. Programs range from Geology studies in New Zealand to explorations of microeconomics in Bangladesh. Every student’s experience away from Northfield is filled with exciting stories and areas of growth. Our project is one attempt at displaying where Carleton students have gone on their adventures away from Southern MN over the long history of Carleton’s off campus programming starting in 1965.

Visit the Map page where you will find two maps taking you through the history and experiences of Carl’s abroad.  

  1. The trip map shows where every individual trip has run since 1964 on a sliding time scale. Use the time slider to see how Carleton’s off campus programming has grown over time. 
  2. The program map is a story map through which you can explore pictures and stories from participants across the years. Explore this map to learn more about Carleton programs from Carl’s themselves!