Spelunking: Exploring The History of The Cave and Its Musicians

About This Project

This website contains the final results of our Hacking the Humanities final project. This website has a timeline outlining the artists that have played at the Cave and a network analysis, seeking the connections between artists that have played at the Cave. From this timeline and network we are able to see both how Carleton student’s music taste have evolved and how the types of music and artists connect across the years. Explore the tabs above to see our data, processes, network, timeline, and our findings.

About The Cave

The Cave is Carleton’s student run music and entertainment venue. Founded in 1927, it is the oldest such establishment in the nation. Since it’s opening the Cave has hosted many local and international artists, and is also a venue for student bands and DJs.

  • Project Update: Ryan’s Personal Statement

    Hello everyone! I love how it’s going so far with our Cave Project although I haven’t contributed much. Does listening to other members’ ideas count? 🙂 I look forward to seeing how we build this up to the final outcome, and I’ll try to be more participative.

  • Project Update: Nelson’s Personal Statement

    Hi everyone! I’m Nelson, and I am one of the people in charge of organizing the data from The Cave’s archive. This past week, my group has been going through The Cave’s artist list and manually integrating each line into a spreadsheet. It is tedious work, but it is starting to come together! I am…

  • Project Update: Nora’s Personal Statement

    Hello Cave goers, enthusiasts, and other readers!! My name is Nora! Our primary focus so far has been compiling all our source data into a google sheet. I have mainly been entering artists/bands that performed at the Cave and the dates of their performances. Later in the project, I plan to be more involved with…

  • Project Update: Margie’s Personal Statement

    Hello readers of the Spelunking: History of the Cave Digital Humanities Final Project! I’m Margie! So far we have been working as a group to gather all the data we need to make the next part of our project. My role in this has been to enter listener counts for every artist that has played…

  • Project Update: Personal Statement

    Personal Work So far, my contributions to the project have consisted of adding to our shared csv file where we’ve been compiling the necessary data on the artists/bands we need to create a visual representation. Specifically, I’ve been finding the genres for each artist listed on the Carleton Cave Archive. This hasn’t been too difficult,…