Years of Data




Unique Cities


Students Enrolled

For our Digital Humanities project, we wanted to take a look at admissions data to draw conclusions about Carleton’s fluctuating student body over the years. This project uses a combination of mapping and data analysis to tell a concise story of Carleton’s admissions over the years and across the globe.


A bar chart race displaying enrolled students’ most common state- or country-of-origin every five years since 1960.

The next visualization moves from looking at zoo book data from the last 60 years to just looking at admissions data from the past ten. The visualization continues to look at just enrolled students but includes much more specific locations.

The past 10 years

A map of Carleton matriculants’ hometowns from 2013 to 2023. Does not include denied applicants.

Moving on from ten years of data to just one, we look to the differences in acceptance rate by country. 2023 is a snapshot look into geographical discrepancies for Carleton admissions. This data also includes students who were accepted but declined to attend.

2023 Acceptance Rates

An interactive heat-map of acceptance rate by country. Only includes data from 2023 applicants.