Welcome to our final project for DGAH 110: Hacking the Humanities! For our project, we wanted to create interactive maps to explore the last 100 years of the Carleton College Football Team’s history.

On this website, you can learn about our sources, process, and presentation choices by clicking the links to those pages in the menu near the top of the page. In that menu you will also find links to our interactive maps.

The “Away Games Map” displays all of the away games that Carleton football has played between the 1924 and 2023 seasons. Each point represents a school that we played an away game at. The points on the map are color-coded by the amount of times we have played that team away, with darker colors indicating a higher number of games played. If you click on each point, you can see the school name, the number of times we have played them away, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of their school. As you zoom in, the school’s name appears on the map.

The “Football Opponents Over Time” map shows the locations of all of the football team’s opponents over the last 100 years. The map has an interactive slider and adds new opponents to the map at 5 year intervals based on the date that the football team first played against them. If you click on one of the points, it shows the school’s name, the dates of the first and last games that we played against the school, the amount of times that we played against that school, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of their school.

The “2023 Season Storymap” allows users to scroll through the 2023 season. It shows the location of the stadium where the game was played along with a picture from the game, the school’s name, the score, and a link to the game recap from the Carleton Athletics webpage.

We hope you enjoy our final project!

– Anya, Marc, Nate, and Sydney