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Division Street Food Scene: Student Favorites

Start off by taking a tour of Carleton students’ favorite spots to eat, study, and hang out by scrolling through the StoryMap below! All locations featured on the map are walkable from campus and have unique strengths (whether it be quality food or quality vibes).

How the Data Was Gathered

We created a Google Form asking students to rate their top 3 favorite Northfield restaurants and cafes. After getting over 100 responses, we calculated what percentage of the poll-takers chose each restaurant as a top 3 favorite. From there, we derived the top 10 most popular restaurants according to the poll. (We also took a few liberties in including our personal favorite restaurants at the end of the StoryMap…as noted by “Editor’s Pick”.)

It should be noted that the statistics are not representative of our entire student body, due to our small sample size. In addition, the average ratings for each restaurant are likely skewed because not all restaurants in the poll were given equal reviews.

In other words… Take the ratings with a grain of salt. Or better yet, check these places out yourself and come to your own conclusions!