This is the home site for a project from the Winter 2021 offering of Hacking the Humanities. A Digital, Arts, and Humanities-based class offered at Carleton College, taught by Austin Mason.

This project specifically was conducted by six students: Byron Jia, Phoebe Milligan, Frances O’Grady, Matthew Rasmussen, Bridger Rives, and Evelyn Scott. They all came together around their interest in the visual elements, specifically 3D modeling, of the Digitial Humanities.

Together they helped create a 3D model and story map alongside it to help tell the locally famous story of the Defeat of Jesse James (or the 1876 Northfield Bank Raid). With the help of the Northfield Historical Society, the group hopes this project can be used to spread this history to those that can’t visit in person. To expand the availability of this knowledge to those far and wide.

Feel free to explore the events of the bank raid through an interactive story map, read a little more about the process the team underwent for the project, some more information about the team itself, and last but not least the many sources the team used throughout the project.