What Statistics Correlate to Wins?

A DGAH project by Anthony Baldenegro, Marcus Merkelbach, John Obono, and Jacob Ventura

As football players ourselves, we wanted to delve deeper into the x’s and o’s side of the game to gain a better understanding of just what we can do to produce more success on the field. By gathering past Carleton football statistics, we wanted to be able to discover the connection between the stats that correlate with wins, as well as the stats that aren’t.

We decided that using the most recent eighteen seasons (2004-2022) of Carleton football would give us the best insight into what we are looking for since that, not only is the game of football still played relatively the same as it is today, but there is also a considerable variation of records throughout those two decades (as shown below) which we believed would give us great evidence for determining the correlation of the different statistics we chose.