We are a group of 6 students at Carleton College. As our final project for DGAH110 Hacking the Humanities Winter 2021, we have created 3D models of the following official and unofficial mascots at Carleton.

Oscar the Penguin

Oscar the penguin is an emperor penguin specimen given to the Gould library in honor of Larry McKinley Gould. Click here to learn more about Oscar.

The Knight

The Knight was chosen as Carleton’s official mascot in 1950 as a salute to the Homecoming Knight. These days, the Knight has been struggling to maintain its status as Carleton’s symbol in competition with the other prominent unofficial mascots. Click here to view the Knight statue at the Sayles Hill Campus Center.


We went on a Schiller hunt for this project and successfully reproduced the elusive Schiller bust as a digital 3D model. For some students, this might be the closest they can get to seeing the Schiller bust. Even if you are one of the few lucky students who have succeeded in seeing Schiller in person, click here to view the model and learn about Schiller’s story.

Toff the Cat

Preceding Lyman, Toff was the campus cat until Toff died on March 9th 2011. As a memorial, Toff’s sculpture has been displayed in the Gould Library and will always be one of Carleton’s best feline companions. Click here to learn more about Toff.


With Northfield’s slogan being “Cows, Colleges, and Contentment,” a lot of the stores in the downtown area near campus have cows as part of their store names and logos. Click here to learn more about the cow and its history at Carleton and Northfield.